The second core will not need much additional power because the Atom CPUs are fairly efficient, so no significant power savings by having only one core 4. In case IRQ 16 is shared with another device, maybe you want to unload the driver for that device too, or even disable it in Bios? I did find that I needed to use the “–quirk-s3-bios” pm-suspend quirk in order to restore text video and not cause a kernel freak-out on wake up. Thanks for that very helpful additional information. Looks like WOL is enabled by default.

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I went and changed that to S3, and now everything seems good.

Mine has one 3. Last night I was able to boot again after many tries, all identical. Looks like you have a full helping of kernel modules from the default install. In the mean time, I’m using the cheapest, smallest 2.

Increased my ms7-418 file size thank heavens for gparted! Thanks to all you brave folks who posted here, paving the way for this hardware combo. After much rebooting, editing GRUB menu. I also get the same behavior when booting to text mode and using my squeezebox remote and the SrvrPowerCtrl plugin to suspend the computer. I can’t distinguish it from the quiet power supply fan running in my other PC. So if you are looking for some truly power efficient solutions this is might be not a good way.


Which method would be less wear and tear on my computer?

Thanks again to you and Gordon for your eind with this, and to Gordon for the excellent plugin. You know it’s a bad sign when the message says “Waking up. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

Similarly, when I remote into the box, GUI response is really slow not that I intend to do that very often.

I’ll follow your page http: I’ll have to experiment linking SC’s data and the mysql data to that drive. Is that like a drive letter, and shouldn’t necessarily be the same on my system as yours?

At times some others here have mentioned the same or similar problems coming back from suspend — has the problem cleared up for you, or is it still an issue?

MS computer with MS motherboard – problem loading Windows XP

My computer suspends but it will not resume. I issued the shut down command from the Gnome menu and also from a command prompt.

Likewise, running the OS on a CompactFlash card sounded like a cool idea, but in the end the hard drive I chose is so quiet and draws so little power that it’s fine to run the OS off the hard drive in my present installation. I think the iPeng app is lower latency like the controller than the iPeng or any other web interface, but haven’t used either.


MSI Wind PC [Archive] – Squeezebox : Community : Forums

Anyway, here is a link to some VERY current discussions around pm stuff in the kernel: Any help is appreciated. A lot of the links I found pd Google turned out to be dead-ends, where people had removed their zip files with the necessary goods. It probably won’t be connected to a UPS so ro-root seems like a good practice here.

Try sensors-detect to find out which these are. But, as has been described very well in this thread, a good alternative is to put the whole system into suspend or hibernate when idle, which makes it even more quiet and energy-saving.

I I had to use the.


I gathered from the slimnas site that slimnas doesn’t work with the. Then you can perform a “shutdown -h now” to halt the system. I had to use the. Actually, I take it back.