The on-line description for the selected setup category is displayed on the bottom of the screen. Hardware Setup Hardware Setup Chapter 2. Chapters Table Of Contents Page 70 Chapter 3 Note: Chapter 3 Halt On The item determines whether the system will stop if an error is detected at boot.

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If the Security Option is set to System, the password is required both at boot and at entry to Setup.

Chapter 2 Serial Port Connectors: For some components, if you install in the wrong orientation, the components will not work properly. Power 63880 Option This item is used to select the degree or type of power saving and is related to these modes: As such, the processor must be maintained in the specified thermal requirements.

MSI K7T PRO (MS) MSI MicroStar Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

Page 32 Chapter 2 Power Switch Connect to a 2-pin push button switch. Avoid rebooting while the HDD is working. Change these settings only if you are familiar with the chipset. The less the clock cycles, the faster the DRAM performance.


Disable the function if you want to use other controller cards to connect an audio device. Aperture is a portion of the PCI memory address range dedicated for graphics memory address space. You can use the arrow keys to select the item.

MSI MS User Manual | 85 pages

Don’t show me this message again. Introduction Introduction Chapter 1. You can wake up the computer via remote control through a local area network. Page 2 Shielded interface cables and A. Chapter 3 and Keyboard Our products are under continual improvement and we mxi serve the right to make changes without notice.

Before inserting the power supply connector, always make sure that all compo- nents are installed properly to ensure that no damage will be caused. Page 68 Chapter 3 as main memory and wake-capable devices and all system context is saved to main memory. The on-line description for the selected setup category is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Hardware Setup Hardware Setup This chapter provides you with the information about hardware setup procedures.

MSi MS-6380 User Manual

AGP is an interface specification designed for the throughput demands of 3D graphics. The specification of hard disk drive will show up on the right hand according to your selection. Page 70 Chapter 3 Note: Chapters Table Of Contents Irda Infrared Module Connector: Host cycles that hit the msii range are forwarded to the AGP without any translation.


Memory modules can be installed on the slots in any order. Select the CPU frequency you prefer and click Go to apply the frequency or click Save allowing the system to run at the specified frequency each time ,s the system is powered on.

You can connect the Reset switch from the system case to this pin. However, please make sure your components are able to tolerate such abnormal setting, while doing overclocking. The MS- v3. Full Duplex mode permits silmutaneous two-direction transmission in. Hardware Setup Keyboard Wake-up Jumper: