Managed provider is chosen first, if not found, the unmanaged provider is chosen. All SQL Server features as well as the 4 new types: OleDB driver for Jet v4. Others provide a wealth of options, supporting just about any combination of data source and code generation requirements. It can highlight data access anti-patterns and programming mistakes and help you track down which parts of your code handle executes particular queries for tuning and troubleshooting.

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SubSonic is a free, open source project and you’ll find the code and latest documentation in the SubSonic Project on GitHub. NET, table valued functions and synonyms for Tables and Views not for linked servers.

Klblgen support for database defined foreign keys. If you have unique indexes instead of unique constraints in your database, please define them as unique constraints with separate indexes instead.

If your software development projects are anything like the ones I encounter every day, you spend a lot of time creating, saving, querying, moving, merging, and munging data.


All features as well as sequences.

Irwsoft Data Framework Light Edition provides basic functionality at a nice price: Synonyms for tables, views and sequences. There’s a handy Getting Started guide on the ORMapster Web site that walks you through building a data model based on the beloved Northwind sample database.

No support for user defined types.

Support for stored procedures v5. There’s a lot of interesting functionality here. Managed provider is chosen first, if not found, the unmanaged provider is chosen.


General Each driver which supports unique constraints will only retrieve unique constraint meta-data, not unique indexes. The generated code includes support for dependency injection using Unity or Ninject, as well as logging and exception handling. For example, MySQL was recently added as a supported data source.

Multiple schemas per catalog Note: NET Oracle 9i or higher. The CodeTrigger extension integrates directly with Visual Studio through Many larger, more expensive projects don’t make it this easy to get started. The downside is that you may have to invest some effort in tracking down information. Users should specify the database service name for the service llblfen connect to, not the server name or IP address the database service runs on. Downloads, documentation and support are available from the SQLite Web site.


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I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. Restrictions in the Microsoft Oracle provider: As a bonus, all this functionality is free with extensive documentation and community support. CodeTrigger see Figure 1 analyzes the mysqql of your data source and automatically builds business and data domain models.

This can be a huge disadvantage. Long varbit bitarrays are mapped to strings.

LLBLGen vs. DevArt ED vs. Sparx EA – Devart Forums

NET Insight Sign up for our newsletter. All datatypes supported by Npgsql are supported. All SQL Server features as well as the 4 new types: A day trial license is available. If you need to use this type, use the ODP. OleDB driver for Jet v4.