Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Ping of loopback address. We don’t have any domain based access protection policies or GPO’s that would affect the network drivers. If this is the case, do you have any type of Network Access Protection domain-based policy in place? The machine is running the latest drivers from intel. Tuesday, February 15, 3:

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Hi Marcin, If I remove the client machine from the domain we do not get this issue. This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation. I have lenobo all of that on the bit machines, tried various driver versions and none worked, just going to install bit on all affected machines, its an easy fix.

I would think it is something in the autonegotiate protocol. If your company does not have an Intel rep, then send me a private message in the community, and I will work on getting you what you need. I am in need of the Network Connections Tool to perform some electrical compliance testing on my companies carrier board hardware.

network issue with Intel LM adapter

When they are not members of the domain this does not happen. Intel Corporation physical id: Lenovo said me that i have to download this tools from intel. Some interesting additional details on this are as follows We did both a manual install of the manufactures drivers and the automatic install from Windows on the bit OS, but this made no difference.


Can you ping your loopback address or default gateway? At this stage, please follow recommendations provided by Mark Hanna. Friday, July 16, Richard, just to clarify – if you remove that client computer from the domain – but you keep it connected to the same switch port, network connectivity is restored?

Hi Richard, Any further updates on this issue? The lights drop off the network port whether on a docking station or directly connected to the laptop and cycle between a drop out and reconnecting state rapidly for a random amount of time then come good eventually only to do it again later.

Today I moved one to a more restricted OU the one that it will actually be located in and will be testing for a few more days. Friday, September 28, 2: Thank you for the help.

One of the tools is the executable you mentioned, which does give you access to the area where your MAC address is stored as well as other areas. You should contact Lenovo for help on how to fix your image.

Downloads for IntelĀ® 82567 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

I had same problems with my two Lenovo x Laptops. Our software vendor stated we should have to reboot to establish connection again but the hiccup was occuring so fast that the system would reconnect but just seem to freeze nework.


Here are some logs recorded while networking was not working: This is a computer translation of the original content.

Also, the last two restarts I have disabled networking before restart, and enabled after boot gigsbit, and networking has worked. The errors are, in order of occurance: Go to original post. Neteork you for your time, Daniel. Am able to get wireless occasionally on reboot, and haven’t found any pattern so far as to why. I’m having a similar problem with a Dell Latitude E — with a clean install of Windows 8 bit. As I said above I am loading Windows 7 on the box to test if the issue occurs with it as well, I will post up if that helps just to hopefully help anyone else who may be connetion an issue Cheers James.

Extremely irritating when I’m working and lose everything As I said above I am loading Windows 7 on the box to test if the issue occurs with it as well, I will post up if that helps just to hopefully help anyone else who may be having an issue. Post as a guest Name.

Mark, could you help me?