Send drivers The copy of the patch that failed is found in: Comment 45 Nick Clemens In theory, we could pre-load useful sets of providers during the Koha’s web-based setup phase. Comment 22 Kyle M Hall This needs additional non-ByWater testing and signoff, please, preferably on a variety of mobile networks! Comment 46 Kyle M Hall They may have an undocumented one OR one that is available on request.

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Comment 27 Benjamin Rokseth Bug [QA Followup] – Unit tests 2.

Comment 39 Kyle M Hall Send if the driver is set to ‘Email’ Test plan: It will work this time. Very recently bug was added to the Koha community code base, and will be in Koha 3.

Koha SMS Send Driver for eSMS Kerala Service: An Account of a Stakeholder – E-LIS repository

Comment 44 Kyle M Hall Again, apologies for being half awake when trying to explain my issues. With the addition of SMS via email you can have your cake and smss it too!


Add the following line: Send drivers Last modified: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Exit from cpan by using the command exit and from the command line install make by entering the command sudo apt-get install make.

Kyle Comment 47 Nick Clemens Comment 30 Thomas Johnson Comment 18 Kyle M Hall No login information available, skipping all tests. Reset hard to master. Comment 14 Kyle M Hall Send drivers Comment 6 Melia Meggs Comment 46 Kyle M Hall That you are using a.

Send drivers When you have resolved this problem run “git bz apply –continue”. Save and close the file. Bug [QA Followup] – Add feedback to delete button if provider is being used kkha.

A few feedbacks anyway: Most cellular providers give their customers the ability to receive text messages via email. Objects implementation for Koha:: Works as advertised, but before I sign off, is it feasible to have the C Christopher Comment 27 Benjamin Rokseth Comment 35 Kyle M Hall The Koha version that I was applying to is 3.


Koha SMS Message for Due Date – LIS Links | Social Network for Librarians in India Since

Comment Mason James Comment 7 Kyle M Hall Send drivers When you have resolved this problem run “git am –resolved”.

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