Very definitely a JMC chipset wired ethernet controller in it, though. I consider this for the dapper point release if someone can actually give some feedback about the kernel in dapper-proposed? If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags: Joao Muniz jrcmuniz wrote on The output of lspci -nnk is: Or maybe some others are loaded and are causing conflicts.. Then, when the system was installed, I could connect the other hard discs again and use the irqpoll option.

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,inux timing off rounded cables, for instance do NOT use rounded cables – they can throw IDE timing all to heck and back. Unfortunately it didn’t help. My SATA dvd drive is detected fine. That’s why I’m sure is this Jmicron the issue.

The time now is Not an elegant solution but good for the desperate. For details and our forum data attribution, retention jmifron privacy policy, see here.


As of final release of 7.

Just try to put it in 1. Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0 [ 1.

The FUA off did not seem to help. If I set the boot args to “no apic no lapic” it loads kubuntu, but the grub kinux screwed up and I cant load to windows. Any idea when this will be fixed. When you say backport, does that mean this fix will make it into Dapper?

As of fiesty Fawn, I still am unable to make this work.


I thought it was a full report, to which I responded. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Until then I am holding off on building my Core 2 Duo system. It is a live cd. So instead of having a total of 2. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Comment jmircon funnybutton I still get a maximum speed of mbit. There are already 3 bugs and at least 9 forum threads regarding this.

sd card – Driver for JMicron SD Controller – Ask Ubuntu

Sorry jmivron the bad english, it isn’t my natural language. Allow it to be enabled with module param. Try to write to both drives at the same time. Guilherme gdescartavel-launchpad wrote on I’m sure one more test does not hurt.


How I exactly do that, I mean the problem occurs already on the installation phase, and I don’t have any other disks where I could have working installation. Tomorrow, we should have edgy daily ISO’s with this new kernel. EH complete I’ve been trying to sort this problem for quite a while now.

For the record, my HW is the following: January 9th, 5. January 3rd, 2. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything else to do. Marcus Fischer elyps wrote on