This time it’s for the SD-M Replace the PxHelp20 registry value Unplug all non-essential external plug and play devices, especially cameras. This is now a business requirement and we will be forced to return the units if we continue to have this problem. Drive manufactured after february have the new 2. Please let know us if it works correctly. Added the very asked firmware 1. Drives in Device Manager.

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Select the drive name, click the uninstall button, and wait about five seconds. Kirill Pioneer DVD 1.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows Vista)

This firmware can’t be downgraded aka can’t use the patched RPC1 firmware. Turn on the computer. Fekete istvan released a patched RPC-1 firmware 1. Good news for Hitachi GD owners. He also provided patched RPC-1 firmware 1. I’m already temporary back. With the 4D36EECE-BFCBE key still selected, right-click any blank area of the right side of the registry editor window the window pane listing all the values within the key. The last day Pioneer patched firmware 2.


Another great patch by XVI!! Hijacker my great forum administrator opened the Toshiba firmware page. I hope to add the same thing soon for the SD-M The computer must be restarted after installing Roxio Creator before the drive will be recognized. But for an unknow reason you can’t use them if you have a drive with the “official” 2.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows Vista) | HP® Customer Support

Please don’t ask me where is PowerDVD 1. I want to thanks greatly all the people who helped me to make a “region free DVD world”. Resetting the BIOS may also resolve this problem.

Europe, Middle East, Africa.

LG Electronics Operating System s If you get a failed message we can be sure there is a hardware problem; either there is something wrong with the disk in question or the drive is defective and will need to be replaced. This firmware is RPC I contacted them and we went through a few scenarios. I also added a special version with a patched flash utility who allow to reset the drive internal counter.


The end of region protection? With this version your are able to reset the drive region code. It’s not a firmware upgrade. That depend of the DVD manufactuer and i don’t think they will make region free firmware available. Hey Fekete, wake up! For region free, you can use the patched firmware. They used the Codebyte patching method to the drive and it works!

But hoppefully is back here. Run to the new Fekete Istvan page http: How does HP install software and gather data? Let you change your drive region. You can now make your drive region free RPC-1 by using the 1R17 firmware with an older Toshiba flash utility.

The firmware has been tested and it works drm8080b