With your purchase, your will recieve free tech phone support and video installation tutorial with printable instructions when available. There are no more surprises awaiting you here, the whole thing comes off easily. It means that the card is being cooled in a twofold manner, and, so, doesn’t heat so much. If everything went well, you should hold the LCD panel with the projecting cable leading to the video card and two cables of the WLan card. As you can see on the first picture, it doesn’t seem to fit that well.

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Actually, you have to unscrew all the remaining ones marked with green circles in the picture. Unfortunately, there is no immediate access to them, so every time you’d like to clean them, ddll have to take the laptop into pieces. Following case study is provided by notebookcheck. Be careful and mount the card horizontally and not aslant, as the slot is very damageable. Dell Inspiron E Speakers. It is attached to the rest of the case very tightly by some clasps and bolts.

The next step is to unscrew the laptop. In the end see below it turned out, that the Geforce Go GTX needs more space than the Geforce Gobecause it is equipped with two heat pipes, while the Geforce Go has only one. Be careful not to pull the whole thing out of the printed circuit board PCB.


As you might guess, it had quite an impact on the video cards inspirkn emissions, which varied between degrees Celsius, with the fan turning on sporadically. Before removing the CPU, one needs to twist the screw on the Socket clockwise with a screwdriver. Dell Laptop Repair Service Center. In my view, this is a big drawback of this notebook.

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I failed to remove the radiator, as it was fixed too tightly. Dell Inspiron E E Details on photos below. X What does “Refurbished” mean?

Now, it’s only a matter of screwing it in. Enter your 7 character Dell Service Tag or your 11 digit express service code is located on the bottom of your laptop. Call us today at to get started. A small Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe is needed for this repair One 1 Year Limited Warranty No need to worry when purchasing from us, we warranty all products for days; if a product fails within days of purchase we will replace it at our expense.


One thing is worth special consideration: Let me one more time refer to the manufacturer’s website: If everything is done as it should, you can now turn the notebook on. Inspiroh of all, let me show you how the notebook is built and describe the parts: So, a little modding is needed.

Leave the two upper openings empty – You’ll finally need them for screwing the keyboard. Fitting the left heat rell Please share our article, every link counts!

Case Study: Replacing the Video Card of a Dell Inspiron E1705 (9400)

Please remember, that you have to connect the white cable to pin No. Because of the pins’ arrangement, the CPU can be placed only in one way onto the socket.

You can put it turned upside down on the touchpad.

After removing the hinge cover, you’ll get the following result:. Following is his description.