I used it on an i mini ITX build. Jul 1, Posts: Tue Jun 12, 9: You can follow the steps on this thread. These drivers can be downloaded from the following addresses: Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Using this driver may cause sound problems for karmic users.

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That comes with at least one year support and kernel-version upgrades, after which you need to purchase it again if you are running a different kernel which hsd a newer version of the driver although if you have the kernel headers installed it may be able to rebuild itself for your kernel, depending on what changes have been made in the driver – just try installing the deb and see.

After reading this thread I was curious about the airflow of the Dell case and from what I saw after a web search it’s not very good.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications. I’m going to try to be home by 5pm tomorrow so they can call me and we can work through this.

These drivers can be downloaded from the following addresses: So I bought a computer. The CPU fan doesn’t appear to be terrible The video card single-fan blower type doesn’t seem to hsff any noise that I can detect. Personally I’d return it if possible and look into getting something with a better design. This hybrid approach has been reported to work you can use this more recent package from Dell instead of the one mentioned in the forum post.


Jul 1, Posts: However, some Conexant modems can be run with the sl-modem-drivers smart link or an open source driver. Wed Jun 13, 5: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

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I attempted to do the same with the PSU, but I couldn’t find anything pokey and non-conductive enough to get into its hex-a-grill to accomplish that. I also used a plastic zip tie and made that fan stop and the noise stopped. Heidi is an Accredited Specialist in environmental and planning law.

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I found a hose an old CPAP hose and used it to narrow down the noise. Installing Generic alsa-driver-linux package with source: San Antonio, TX Registered: Installing the latest alsa-driver-linuxant package is necessary before installing this driver. Giving the machine more work to do power demand seems to make the noise worse. I might be able to when Drll get home this evening; anything in particular you want to see?


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Something without those annoying spring clips! You can have the best HSF ever made inside the case but if it doesn’t have what’s needed to supply and exhaust the air needed for cooling it’s a waste of time.

I’ll give that a whirl Please see our Cookie Policy dekl more information about the cookies we use and how to disable them. Installing a pre-compiled alsa-driver-linux package: Jul 16, Posts: Jun 14, Posts: It literally howls and unevenly.

Brand-new Dell XPS noisy turbo-boost; replacement HSF? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Also, that goofy power supply setup made me cringe. Additionally, the kernel headers are also needed, this is the linux-headers package. Can you post detailed interior shots?