I won’t pretend to know the nuances of the different versions, so here’s what Datacolor say: See any errors on this page? I maintain the image is unambiguously crap, but at the time I was pleased with the photograph and elated with the recognition. Calibrating monitors reminds me of people shooting video vertically. During their initial rollout of this product and alike, there was no reason to contact them, get support etc.

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Once you have the product keyed in, you no longer require internet access for future.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Raqui from So glad I took the plunge I have a macbook Pro that is only a few years old. I tried using the in computer calibration system but I was so paranoid that my colors were off that I purchased this.

And given that, who knows how well any of the system works? And then Spyder support tells you – it supposed to be completely different because of different gamuts whatever it should mean.

It seems that I have less control for color then I did with the 2. What type of monitor do you use with it? All depends on type of work and spgder.

Its always best to ask your client what they plan to do with the content you will create. Try i1 from X-Rite. I’m sorry figurative convenient questioner, but it is. I have no trouble with the software on my Mac, though there is some third party software that other’s claim to work better which I might look into later. Ro Ker – March 28, Achieving colour accuracy from capture to view is an extremely complex task requiring expertise and time to datacoloor spot on.


You can calibrate your monitor in just 5 minutes, and monthly recalibrations can take half that. The colors are much better; richer, deeper etc. This is a tricky one and I’m not sure how best to advise you; it has never happened to me. Their new i1Studio is a game changer for me as it gives me datacolir all in one solution from capture through edit and printing which I am doing a lot of these days The fact that I can even calibrate my mobile devices using their ColorTrue app with my i1 device is incredible.

Spyder5PRO allows you to calibrate laptops and desktop monitors.

Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro | Wex Photo Video

Once i stopped using calibrators this issue went away and gained more posotive comments for Social media focused client work. The i1 studio is a bit pricier but you get to calibrate your monitor and printer. But happy to hear other peoples thoughts regarding that. I had purchased into this company and their line of color workflow products going back for some time now.

There are so many different ways to retouch an image and the end spydre may not look accurate to some viewers. Be the first to review this item. I won’t pretend to know the nuances of the different versions, so here’s what Datacolor say: Then there’s the whole issue with colour grading.


However, if you’re a photographer who wants to get serious about their work, it’s utterly paramount. I maintain the image is unambiguously crap, but at the time I datacklor pleased with the photograph and elated with the recognition.

A reusable storage box protects your Spyder5 Colorimeter unit when you need to take it traveling. I have used both brands in my color critical workflow and i1 from X-Rite blows DataColor away.

The only time i dont datavolor around is when i am working with fashion brands that are looking for accurate exposures and colors. I bought this product to calibrate my monitor with printer.

So I asked for refund.

Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro

I hate to disappoint, William, but Datacolog almost never use hand models. I have received my prints back from the lab and they look like they do on the monitor which is what this is supposed to help with. I have calibrated my monitor before with a different company’s product. The included Spyder5 Colorimeter probe features a 7-detector optical engine.