This post has been edited by hairol What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? For example laptop users might select a “Mobile” version of the driver while desktop user choose the other non-mobile version of the driver to load. The Only Exception Group: Interesting Introduction note, with ” BEGIN ” when you pull this begin out, actually it has few pages for the laptop intruduction. No chance for me to help:

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Really dam heavy using it. Here’s some tips on searching drivers my way Please try slipstreaming your XP Setup disc with SP3 and try the presarii again before attempting anything below as SP3 setup seems to work fine for most people.

Added on April 25,7: I just want to leave a note to anyone reading Thanks mod for pinning this too: Right now, im using Vista. Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. May 8 Too many problem actually.

Nov 8 Jul 1 Compaq offerings include Presario notebooks and laptop PCs. So, I am going to make an unattended install XP however, the unattended Install should also be name v3839ti. I can’t really understand since you said you finished installing so i don’t think it has anything to do with the CD you created?


Kuching Remisier Blog: HP Compaq Presario VTU Notebook PC Review

Fall in love with audio again. Instead of reading multiple times for a data, NCQ queue all the data it needs to collect and sends to the pointer at one time to be read at one shot thus speeding it up. In Vista installation, I needed to select “Load driver” then point to the file folder containing the drivers.

You can order or buy this at Wisma Saberkaswhich I strongly recomment you to look for a shop at second floorthe shop name with HP and Compaq Logo sorry cant recall the name.

BTW, my audio, modem and network port still can’t detect by system I thought that maybe all the drivers were there. Download Muvee Reveal Basic Software. If you run the CD and you can detect your hard drive means your CD is working Still what you are implying doesn’t makes any difference from what i said. Feb 13 There is some notebooks that lets you do that but not all Besides BIOS, check any side button on the laptop and feature function.


What you waiting for? Welcome Guest Log In Register. Apr 16 Because i see in your picture, the box left empty.

Installing XP with MassStorage(SATA/RAID) Drivers

I don’t remember saying anything about installing? If both are a sure yes, please try the disc on another computer for me The SATA driver in the driverpack should contain all the famous and frequently used ones Sep 21 What have i forgoten? There is an increasing amount of thread on the matter and wish that i could be of some help and solve it easy way.