Application tasks typically use 0. Easily portable to other RTOSs. It makes your device look like a digital still image device to the USB host. Should be “atmel,at91rmohci” for USB controllers used in host mode. MTP can also be used for general file transfer as an alternative to Mass Storage. Name of the endpoint.

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Should be one of the following “atmel,at91sam9rl-udc” “atmel,at91sam9gudc” “atmel,sama5d3-udc” – reg: Should reference the peripheral, host and system clocks – clock-names: This function driver comes with a custom Windows driver that supports it.

One use of RNDIS is to allow configuring a device from the web browser on a host communicating with a web server on your device. Register for More Info. Such a device has multiple interfaces that are active at the same time cobtroller a single controller chip.

For easy connectivity to a PC or laptop, smxUSBD includes mouse and keyboard function drivers, and the following are available separately: Also available is a USB composite function driver framework, which allows a device to simultaneously look like two or more USB devices.

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/usb/ – kernel/msm – Git at Google

Name of the endpoint. Features Supports all four USB data transfers control, bulk, isochronous, and interrupt.


To specify the number of endpoints and their properties. These are compatible with Windows drivers.

Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

The smxUSBD device stack is offered separately from the smxUSBH host stack to reduce system cost and memory usage for projects not needing a host stack.

Application tasks typically use 0. Should contain ehci interrupt – clocks: Advantages are the ability to limit which files are accessed and that it is unnecessary to have two modes of operation to switch between local and USB access to the disk, to protect the file structure. This is not a full firmware update solution. It makes your device look like a digital still image device to the USB host.

It moves the mouse pointer on your PC. These files contain definitions, macros, and functions to port to a new processor. Should contain usba interrupt – clocks: Serial The following table shows the transfer rate for sending and receiving serial data for different application packet sizes and controllers. Should contain two strings “pclk” for the peripheral clock “hclk” for the AHB clock Optional properties: MTP can also be used for general file transfer as an alternative to Mass Storage.


Easily portable to other RTOSs. The hardware porting layer consists of two files, udport. It offers a clean, modular design that enables embedded controllfr to easily add USB device capabilities to their products.

Size of the fifo. If present, specifies a gpio that needs to be activated for the bus to be powered. Porting Layer provides service functions related to the hardware, OS, and compiler. This support is enabled by a configuration option in smxUSBD.

Compliant with USB Spec v2. For example, a composite device might combine serial and atjel storage. Should contain ohci interrupt – clocks: Boolean to specify if the endpoint support ISOC. It requires writing a special Windows application to communicate with it; a sample is provided. Address and length of the register set for the device – interrupts: