Version A is the older one, it is not produced currently, this setting is only for reverse compatibility. Description of field codes: There are two hardware versions of EasyGate: Page 18 Before You Start 2. Load data from EasyGate — if EasyGate is not in its special programming mode, you are invited to switch EasyGate off and on again. Click on the programming table icon on the left-hand side.

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Page 64 Troubleshooting 6. Page 49 FAX and Data function 4. GSM connection is reserved for the whole time of connection and calls are charged according to the connection time.

Each parameter is accompanied with the unit used, function number if available for programming via a telephone line, description of EasyGate’s behavior, setting options, setting step easyvate default initialization value. The “0” setting means modsm the function is disabled.

Where to Buy To purchase a product locally, please find an authorised partner. Page 48 Voice function 4. This service relates to Call waiting described in 5. In the event of a long lasting pick-up of the handset without dialling a number, a predefined number is dialled automatically.


Call hold Check if your network supports the service before you use it. Disable Incoming calls enable Function No.: Page 9 Product Description 1. Follow all instructions and recommendations included herein. easygtae

2N Easygate PRO Analog 3G Gateway – /

The connection is described in detail in part 3. Supplementary Information This section describes supplementary information of the product.

COM — Serial Interface 4. Other advantages of the interface the link GSM 2N EasyGate are easy installation, convenient monitoring and maintenance reliable. This one-channel analogue GSM gateway provides not only for calls, but also for sending data, fax or SMS text messages.

New parameter for dial tone setting. Telephone line connection 2.


You can use tariff pulses for outgoing call pricing. This parameter prevents SMS sending in the event of short-time activation. DTMF and pulse Tariff impulses: View all search results. Any use of the product that is in contradiction with the instructions provided herein may result in malfunction, damage or destruction of the product. Version A is the older one, it is not produced currently, this setting is only for reverse compatibility.


If there is the other incoming call during connected call it will be indicated by tone.

2N Easygate PRO Analog 3G Gateway – 850/2100

Tariff pulses 16 or 12 kHz EasyGate has tariff pulse transmitter. The connector is equipped with screwing clamps to connect wires leading to a switching contact device to be monitored. Page 45 Voice function 4.

Your manual failed to upload Page 19 Mounting 2. Driver for MC55i-w on CD is named: Table of Parameters 3. Project Consulting Do you need help with a project? The table can contain up to 20 different prefixes.