A central site server interfaces within the telephone call system via a first serial port SIC converts the 32 balanced ohm two wire line circuits into 32 individual single wire two-way voice busses. The larger daughter board is identified as the line card extension board. Together they support data communications in the telephone call management system. Another type of call recording that may be utilized in the present invention involves an operator scan of a user conversation. Line side ports interface and connect toward the network. In view of the foregoing, clearly there exists a need for an improved method and apparatus for managing an institution’s telephone call system.

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Complex software and hardware algorithms are used to detect network progress tones and states.

Alternatively, it is foreseeable that one or more sets of workstations at a central facility may be used to administrate all user accounts. An additional security means incorporated in the present invention is the locking of the telephone keypad after a connection is made. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, an RS serial port is employed for the interference connection.

NIC (Network Interface Card) Definition

Throughout the duration of the call, the system monitors the called party line for switch hook flashes. If the user’s call is not approved, a special call treatment is returned to the user. However, if a wireless card does not support a newer wireless standard such as Voice path connections are switched and controlled by CSC One SIC is equipped per electronic switchboard device configured in the call processing system.


The enrollment phase consists of extracting biometric data to be stored for future use. As described above in FIG. TLC has drop-and-insert capability to support digital data outputs that may be processed by digital subsystem CPU controller card Furthermore, a battery backed real time clock circuit is also part of the SCC design. It buffers the digital data received for each channel and interfaces the data to PEB buss Deployed in a large number of switching applications, the design is a proven technology.

If the telephone system’s software detects a hook-flash event by either party to the call, it will terminate the call and alert the authorities.

Type block additionally contains collect fieldwhich is selected if a user is authorized to call the number collect. For example, a conversation between an inmate and an attorney may require specific recording restrictions. In the auto attendant mode, interactive voice prompts will interface to the user and guide the user through the calling process, possibly asking for biometric authentication, and providing a means to interface the user entered data to the call system.

This feature of the system ethfrnet unauthorized third parties from taking part in telephone conversations. A monitor request by a spybox workstation routes a unique broadcast message to the call system units.

The recorded data would then be compared with information in the database. The system may contact the operator utilizing telephone means, paging means, etc. Call processing system CPS controls all routing and subsystem interaction processes required by the call management system.


Network interface controller

Next, a user is prompted to enter biometric information e. The line current regulator is enabled or disabled under control of CSC Z8 control processor In addition, it is cagd by the present invention that different divisions of each institution, such as cellblocks in a correctional facility, may also be given global restrictions.

In addition, the present invention incorporates control means, monitoring means, recording means, and a reporting means for an institution based telecommunication network.

Configuration data may be site specific.


A not allow reason field allows a comment to be added indicating why the number is blocked. It is foreseeable that the software may incorporate extensive data processing services for providing a user a multitude of correlated dates. System administration software allows an institution staff member to define defaults and to customize the system. Facility name field indicates a user-specified name assigned to each institution. Passive RF bands may be used in conjunction with the present invention for a variety of applications.

SCC supports and controls up to 15 serial COM ports in the present embodiment of the invention. Each version fully configured supports up etherner 24 inbound analog ports.